1inch (DeFi platform and aggregator)

1inch is a decentralized finance platform that acts as an aggregator for various decentralized exchanges. It aims to provide users with the best possible trading prices by routing their trades through multiple exchanges. This helps users save on fees and get the most favorable rates for their trades.

By using 1inch, users can access liquidity from different decentralized exchanges in one place, making it easier and more efficient to trade various cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers liquidity mining opportunities for users who provide liquidity to different pools.

1inch uses an algorithm called Pathfinder to find the most efficient paths for trading between different assets. This algorithm factors in variables such as gas prices, exchange rates, and liquidity to ensure that users get the best possible outcome for their trades.

Overall, 1inch is designed to make decentralized trading more accessible and cost-effective for users by aggregating liquidity from multiple sources and optimizing trades through its algorithm.