In cryptocurrency, “7x” refers to a term used to represent a price increase of seven times the original value of an asset. For example, if a cryptocurrency’s price increases by 7x, it means that its value has multiplied by seven from its initial price.

This term is commonly used in the cryptocurrency community to describe significant price jumps or returns on investment. Investors and traders may use the term “7x” to indicate a strong or impressive performance of a particular cryptocurrency, which can be seen as a positive sign for those holding that asset.

The concept of “7x” is a way to quickly communicate the magnitude of a price increase without needing to provide the exact percentage increase. It helps to simplify discussions around price movements and allows individuals to easily understand the level of growth achieved by a cryptocurrency.

Overall, “7x” is a shorthand way to express a sevenfold increase in value and is commonly used to describe significant price movements in the cryptocurrency market.