Bear Whale

A Bear Whale is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to refer to a large investor who has a significant amount of a particular cryptocurrency and is actively selling it off, causing the price of the cryptocurrency to drop. This investor typically has enough holdings to manipulate the market and create a bearish trend.

Bear Whales are often seen as powerful players in the market who can influence the price of a cryptocurrency through their actions. They can create fear and uncertainty among other investors, leading to a decrease in overall market sentiment.

The term “Bear Whale” is a combination of “bear” – a term used to describe a market that is experiencing a decline or expected decline in prices – and “whale” – a slang term used to describe wealthy individuals or institutions who hold large amounts of a particular cryptocurrency.

In summary, a Bear Whale is a large investor who has the ability to impact the price of a cryptocurrency by selling off a significant portion of their holdings, causing a negative effect on the market.