CPU Mining

CPU mining is the process of using a computer’s CPU (central processing unit) to perform complex calculations that are needed to validate transactions, update the blockchain, and secure the network of a cryptocurrency.

When a user participates in CPU mining, their computer becomes part of the decentralized network that powers the cryptocurrency. The CPU performs these calculations to solve cryptographic puzzles, which in turn generates new cryptocurrency tokens as a reward for the miner.

In the early days of cryptocurrency, CPU mining was a common practice as the mining difficulty was low and CPUs were able to efficiently solve the required puzzles. However, with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the introduction of more advanced hardware like GPUs and ASICs, CPU mining has become less profitable due to its slower processing speed and lower efficiency.

Despite the decline in popularity, some cryptocurrencies still support CPU mining as a way to encourage decentralization and enable users with lower-end hardware to participate in the mining process.